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When you choose Hungry Hunter Raw, you can be sure your pet is eating fresh and healthy ingredients. With our delicious dinner recipes, raw bones and meal add-ons, they’ll be running to their bowl every time!

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Why Switch to Hungry Hunter Raw?

The choice is easy...pets thrive on a raw diet. Our meals contain only natural ingredients, sourced from Canadian farmers - free of fillers, and mystery ingredients you find in kibble.

All our recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements established by AAFCO. Feed with confidence knowing your pet is eating a complete and balanced natural diet.

Getting Started

We can’t wait for you and your pet to give Hungry Hunter a try! To make the transition as easy as possible, we’ve created a number of tools to get you started.

Meal Planner

Let us help you get started by creating a custom meal plan for your dog or cat.

Cost Calculator

We’ll determine an approximate cost of feeding your pet based on their age and weight.

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Meals for Dogs

We have a variety of raw prepared meals to choose from, each complete and balanced for dogs and puppies of all life stages. Formulated to contain the essential nutrients your pet needs for optimal health, no fillers, or preservatives, just raw goodness.

Have a picky eater? Try our gently cooked meals, available in 4 proteins. Feed as a complete meal or as a topper to your dog’s current food. Some fresh is always better than none!

Meal Types
Raw Prepared Meals

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Gently Cooked

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Meals for Cats

Cats crave raw. Offer your feline friend a combination of our Hungry Hunter recipes formulated just for cats! It’s important to include a variety of proteins in your cat’s meal rotation. Each recipe is a blend of proteins to ensure they are eating a balanced meal every time.

Each carton contains 4 portioned meals in 1/2lb vacuum-sealed packages to make feeding easy.

Raw Prepared Meals

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Raw Treats

Dogs and cats love our all-natural raw treats. Add a splash of Goat Milk to their next meal with for a probiotic boost, or top their meal with nutritious Quail Eggs for added protein and vitamins.

Has your pet tried our delicious Frozen Yogurt? Check out our Frozen Goat line of creamy and delicious goat milk yogurt treats!

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Raw Bones

Leave those mystery ingredient “teeth cleaning treats” behind and give your pet a raw bone to clean their teeth naturally. Not only are they great for your pet’s dental health, they provide both physical and mental stimulation.

We recommend feeding 2-3 raw bones per week, as a treat or part of their meals. We offer meal replacement bones that can be eaten entirely, and recreational chew bones, intended for chewing purposes only.


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All Hungry Hunter meals are complete and balanced, but sometimes pets need a little extra support. Our all natural line of pet supplements can be offered preventively or to help with common concerns, including digestive and bladder support, skin and coat health, and joint support.

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The Benefits
of Raw are
Make the Switch
Make the Switch to Raw

Switching isn’t as daunting as it may seem, and the long-term health benefits are well-worth it. We recommend gradually transitioning from kibble to raw over a 7 day period. Click below for more tips and tricks!

Making the Switch
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