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Ready to Make the Switch?

Transitioning your pet from a dry commercial dog food to raw is both simple and rewarding! Switching isn’t as daunting as it may seem, and the long-term health benefits are well-worth it.

We recommend gradually transitioning from kibble to raw over a 7 day period. Select which type of pet you would like to switch to get started.

Tips to Switch Your Dog to Raw
Poultry Protein

Start with a poultry protein such as Chicken or Turkey. These proteins are often easier to digest which will result in a quicker transition.

Start Slowly

Begin gradually adding raw to your pet’s bowl. Start with a ratio of 75% kibble, 25% raw. Continue to increase the amount every 2 days. By day 7 your dog should be eating a 100% raw meal.

Feed at Room Temp

Serve first raw meal at room temperature. Food that is icy cold from the refrigerator can cause your pet to vomit. Waiting for food to warm also enhances the food aromas. Do not leave food out for more than 20 minutes. For fussy eaters enhance food aromas by lightly searing the food in a pan. This can encourage even the fussiest of eaters.

Tips to Switch Your Cat to Raw
Practice Patience

Cats can be especially difficult to transition to a raw food diet. For some cats the transition may only take 1 week, but more commonly it can take 2–4 weeks.

Mix it

The most common transition is to start by adding 1 tsp of the raw to canned food and gradually offer less canned food and more raw food till your cat is eating entirely raw. For some cats you can make this switch in just 7 days, others won’t accept change that quickly, but that’s okay. Go back to whatever ratios your cat will eat and then try again.

Keep Them Eating

Don’t be surprised if your cat’s appetite fluctuates from ravenous to not overly interested in food the next day. Just be sure your cat is eating some food every day.

Start Early

Cats get attached to a food and it’s often difficult to make the switch. Kittens make the switch to raw almost immediately as they don’t have the same attachment to dry food.

Take it Slow

If your cat is eating dry food, gradually move to canned food and then raw. For many cats the switch from dry hard food to cold raw food is about temperature and texture.

Top it Off

Top their first raw meal with some dry kibble pieces, dehydrated beef liver pieces, or even a scoop of canned food. Even if your cat just eats the pieces off the top and not the raw food yet, this is progress.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Cats are know to be finicky. Often it’s a bit of trial and error finding what your cat’s preference is for protein, texture and temperature. Keep trying!

Temperature is Key

Cats enjoy food at room temperature. Allow food to sit at room temperature for 20 mins. prior to feeding. Warmer food enhances the aromas of the food which encourages your cat to eat the food.


Raw food doesn’t have a strong aroma like canned food. Offer raw food alongside canned or dry food so your cat can continue to smell the aromas and encourage your cat to eat.