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Quality You Can Count On

Hungry Hunter sources all of our ingredients from federally inspected suppliers. We also only use human-grade meats, with no added hormones or antibiotics. You can be sure that your pet is eating the freshest, best tasting raw pet food when you choose our raw.

NRC Complete Meals

Perfectly balanced, highly digestible raw meals for dogs and cats. Hungry Hunter raw meals contain the correct ratios of meat, bone, organ meat and fruit and vegetables that closely resemble a species appropriate diet.

All of our meals meet NRC standards for pet nutrition. Feed with confidence knowing your pet is eating a complete and balanced natural raw diet.

Eating Like Cats & Dogs Aren’t they both carnivores?

Yup! A cat’s dietary requirements differ only slightly from those of a dog, for this reason many of the menu items we offer are suitable for both dogs & cats.

The primary difference between canine & feline dietary needs is an increased requirement for muscle meat and organ meats with a lower % of ground bone. Cats also have an essential requirement for taurine. Good News! All Hungry Hunter meals contain AAFCO recommended levels of at least 0.15% taurine.

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