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Raw Treats
Raw Treats for Cats

Consider adding raw goat milk and eggs to your cat’s meals for a nutrition punch! Our all natural treats aren’t the conventional kind, but that’s why cats love them!

Swap their regular treats for a healthier option, and try a quail or duck egg. Or add a splash of raw goat milk to their bowl and watch them lick it clean!

Raw Goat Milk & Eggs

Add a quail or duck egg for a highly nutritious treat, or a splash of goat milk to their meal to change things up and watch their excitement grow!

Raw Goat Milk Size: 500ml

Suggested Daily Serving
1 tsp – 1 tbsp

A Probiotic Powerhouse

An excellent treat for cats of all ages. A natural way to restore good digestive gut bacteria when making the switch from dry to raw food. Goat milk can also improve digestion, liver disorders and immune system response. This isn’t the same goat milk you would find in the grocery aisles. Our unpasteurized goat milk has 2 probiotic enzymes added and cultured for 10 days.

Quail Eggs Size: 18 pack

Suggested Daily Serving
5 – 20 lbs: 1 egg
20+ lbs: 2 eggs

Why Quail Eggs?

Our newest and most popular addition to your cat’s daily dish! Quail eggs are highly nutritious, but also incredibly delicious. Their small size makes them the perfect treat that can be fed straight from the fridge as a snack, or as an add-on to your cat’s meal. Include the shells for a boost of calcium!

Complete Your Cat’s Meal

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